The castle of
Nea Epidavros

The castle of Nea Epidavros

The castle of Nea Epidavros, or otherwise the castle of Piada, as it was called in those years, dates back to the Byzantine years. Its completion however came from Venetian craftsmen later, who completed the fortification with bastions, towers and fortresses. It is located on a steep hill of 80 meters which serves as its natural fortification.

In 1205 the area was conquered by the Venetians until 1400, when it fell into the hands of the Franks for 50 years, only to return to the Venetians in 1450, a period during which the Ottoman Empire aimed to conquering Morias. In 1481, the castle and the region of Piada were handed over to the Ottoman Empire after the Venetians were forced to capitulate. In 1685 however, the Venetians regained control of the area during the 6th Venetian-Turkish War, until 1715 at which time it returned to the Ottomans. It remained in their possession till the Greek liberation in 1821.

Historical Sights in Epidaurus

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